PDFlib Lite Licensing Details

PDFlib Lite is available under a license agreement which is substantially different than the commercial PDFlib license. The complete terms can be found in the PDFlib Lite License Agreement. Note that it covers only PDFlib Lite, but not any other products. For your convenience, here is a non-binding summary of the PDFlib Lite License Agreement:

Royalty-free use

PDFlib Lite can be used for free if you are an open source developer. This means that you must disclose the full source code of your project, and make it available under an OSI-approved open source license (see Note that "full source code" includes all components of the project, not only those which are directly attached to PDFlib Lite.

PDFlib Lite can be used for free if you are a private user.

PDFlib Lite can be used for free if you are a research user.

All other uses not mentioned here require a commercial license.


PDFlib Lite source code may be redistributed. If modifications have been made these must be clearly marked as such.

PDFlib Lite may be redistributed in binary (compiled) form provided the license, documentation, and programming samples are also included. Alternatively, the documentation may be made available for free download instead of including it.

For example, posting PDFlib Lite on a Web site is covered by the license, as well as distributing it on a CD-ROM included in a book or magazine.

Note that distributing PDFlib Lite under these conditions does not necessarily give the recipient the right to freely use PDFlib Lite; Using the software is still subject to the conditions listed in section "Royalty-free use" above.