The TET Cookbook

The TET Cookbook is a collection of TET coding fragments for solving specific problems. It is maintained as a growing list of sample programs. The Cookbook topics are written in XSLT and Java, but can easily be ported to other programming languages since the TET API is almost identical for all supported language bindings. Each Cookbook topic denotes the PDFlib products required for its execution.

Browse all TET Cookbook Topics

Each topic can be viewed individually in the browser together with its source code, description and output PDF. For a complete list of all topics currently being available, see Browse all Topics.

Download the full TET Cookbook Package

The TET Cookbook package contains the files and all required input data, as well as an Ant build file and an Eclipse project. The Cookbook topics can conveniently be compiled and run with the Java build tool Apache Ant. Form more information, see ant.apache.org. Alternatively, you can manually compile and run the samples. For installing and working with the TET cookbook, see the "readme" file in the "doc" folder of the Cookbook Package.

As a prerequisite for compiling and executing the PDFlib TET Cookbook topics the TET binary library Java must be installed. You can download the appropriate TET evaluation package here.

Download the PDFlib TET Cookbook archive. Unpack the archive and open the "doc/readme.txt" file for further information on installing and working with the TET Cookbook.

Download the PDFlib TET Cookbook package:

TET-cookbook-2017-05-29.tar.gz (2.1 MB)

TET-cookbook-2017-05-29.zip (2.2 MB)