Terms and Definitions


Combination of operating system and one or more hardware architectures. Fully compatible versions of operating system and/or hardware shall be deemed one platform, for Windows server and desktop versions shall, however, be deemed different platforms.


PDFlib GmbH software offering for a certain platform

Major release

New version of a product with significantly extended functionality

Maintenance release

A maintenance release (also called minor release) is a new version of a product that rectifies faults, modifies the product to new versions of an operating system or a language binding etc. Maintenance releases do not contain any significant extensions in functionality, however. A maintenance release is explicitly marked as such.

Major Update

A Major Update converts an existing product license into a license for a newer major release of the same product for the same platform.


An Upgrade converts an existing license for a product into a license for the same major release of a higher-quality product, which constitutes a functional expansion of the first product.

Language binding

Executable version of a product for use with a platform-specific version of a programming language or programming environment.


The lifetime of a product defines how long support cases to this product will be accepted (given a valid support agreement). The lifetime is defined for each major release of a product and can be checked here for current and older product release.