PDFlib FontReporter

PDFlib FontReporter is a free plugin for analyzing fonts in PDF documents. It generates detailed information reports from any PDF file loaded into Adobe Acrobat. With a single click, PDFlib FontReporter collects general information, font-related information, and glyph tables for all fonts in a PDF and generates a font report in a separate PDF.

The PDFlib FontReporter plugin works with the following Acrobat versions:

Acrobat 8-DC Standard, Pro/Professional and Pro Extended on Windows.

Acrobat X/XI/DC Standard and Pro/Professional on OS X/macOS 10.9 and higher.

The plugin doesn’t work with Acrobat Reader/Adobe Reader.

English FontReporter documentation is included in each of the software packages.

Highlights of PDFlib FontReporter

free product

supports CJK fonts (among all other font types)

presents Unicode values of all characters

supports OpenType embedding (new in Acrobat 7)

comes with user interface in German and English

More than Acrobat’s font list

FontReporter provides much more information about each font than Acrobat, including glyph names and Unicode mappings.

FontReporter deals with CJK font names even on Western systems.

FontReporter provides glyph tables so that you can see the glyphs in a font.

FontReporter presents the output as a PDF document so that you can save or print it.

FontReporter is guaranteed to process the full document, regardless of which pages have already been displayed in Acrobat.

The font report presents

document related information

font-related information (on a printable page)

detailed glyph tables display the glyphs of the font
- see images below
- see sample font report of Western document
- see sample font report of Japanese document

Information displayed for each glyph

Gray rectangle showing the glyph width
The actual glyph
The glyph name
The glyph’s Unicode value(s)

Typical glyph table
Snapshot from glyph table