PDFlib pCOS 4 Prices and Licensing

PDFlib pCOS is available under commercial licensing.

PDFlib pCOS can be downloaded in a package which is fully functional, but has a few restrictions until a valid license key is applied.

Details of the commercial pCOS license can be found on our licensing web page or in the document  General License and Support Conditions which is also contained in the distribution.

For other platforms not mentioned here, please ask at sales@pdflib.com.

Ask us for extended licenses (unlimited distribution) at premium@pdflib.com.

pCOS 4 Prices

Prices are for a single computer regardless of CPU count. US-$ prices are for customers in the Americas, Australia, and Japan; Euro prices for all other regions. Volume discounts are available for 5 or more licenses (see below).

Windows Server x86/x64


Linux x86/Intel 64
Oracle Solaris x86/x64/sparc



Windows Desktop and OS x/macOS
Windows XP/Vista/7/8 x86/x64


OS X/macOS x86/x64

Value added Tax (VAT)

Like all EU businesses, PDFlib GmbH’s invoicing and VAT handling is governed by EU law:

Customers from non-EU countries will not be charged VAT.

Customers from Germany will be charged 19% VAT (MwSt.).

Customers from all other EU countries must provide a valid VAT identification number. Orders without a valid VAT ID cannot be processed.

For more information please see here.


We offer optional support contracts in combination with a new product license, or to renew an existing support contract. Customers with an active support contract will benefit from the following advantages (for a detailed description of support benefits refer to the »PDFlib GmbH License Guide« or our support pages):

technical support with short response times

all minor (maintenance) and major (functional) updates included

early availability of bug fixes

maintenance releases and technical support available until the end of a product’s lifetime

additional licenses can be purchased until the end of the lifetime

Customers without an active support agreement can only use the licensed version, but not any later maintenance updates. This differs from earlier versions where we offered maintenance updates on a voluntary basis.

The support fee is 20% of the license fee per year.

Support contracts can optionally be renewed automatically every 12 months until the support is expressly terminated by the customer. In order to terminate a support agreement with automatic renewal please inform us one month before the support expires.

Major Updates

A major update changes an older license to a license for a newer major version on the same platform, thereby invalidating the old license. A valid license key must be supplied with each update order. Licenses for pCOS 3 can be updated to pCOS 4 at a reduced license fee. Each license entitles to an update to a version 4 license.

Customers without a support contract can add support with a major update. In this case the support fee is based on the full license fee of the product (not the update fee).


Update from pCOS 3

pCOS 4
60% of the target product's list price

Minor Updates

A minor update changes a license for an older maintenance release to a license for a newer maintenance release (minor version) on the same platform. The fee for minor updates is 20% of the list price of the target product.

Volume Discounts

Volume discounts are available for multiple licenses of the same product according to the table below, provided all licenses are ordered with a single combined order.

Number of licensesDiscount off the list price

Premium licenses

In addition to machine-based licenses PDFlib GmbH offers Premium licenses with extended rights, such as site licenses, integration licenses, and source code licenses. Premium licenses are available at a fixed license fee and do not require any additional royalties. Please contact premium@pdflib.com for more information about Premium licenses.