PDFlib+PDI 9 (PDF Import)

PDFlib+PDI includes all PDFlib functions, plus the PDF Import Library (PDI). With PDI you can open existing PDF documents and incorporate some pages into the PDFlib output. Use PDFlib+PDI for all PDFlib tasks plus the following:

impose multiple PDF pages on a single sheet for printing

add text, such as headers, footers, stamps, or page numbers to existing PDF pages

place images, e.g. company logo, on existing pages

add barcodes to existing PDF pages

assemble existing PDF pages

add content to PDF/A, PDF/X or PDF/UA documents

The PDI features are integrated in the familiar and easy-to-use PDFlib programming API. Like PDFlib, PDI is fully thread-safe, suited for server use, and does not require any Acrobat software. PDI is available from all supported PDFlib language bindings.

Note that the PDF import feature only deals with the actual page contents, and ignores all interactive elements. Also, PDI can not be used to modify existing PDF page contents (but you can add new content using overlays).