Platform Notes for PDFlib 6/7

This page details operating system and binding versions for which we provide PDFlib 6/7.

The minimum version number of the operating system is noted for each download package. Not every binding is available on each platform since some combinations are not possible. Please contact if you need a combination which is not listed on our webserver.

All software packages support file sizes above 2GB unless »no LFS« (Large File Support) is mentioned.

PDFlib 6 and 7 are outdated and have been replaced by our most recent version PDFlib 9. Please see here for details.

Intel 64

Binaries for the common 64-bit Intel architecture are labelled "Intel 64", which is the name currently used by Intel. This architecture has been known by several other names:

Intel formerly called it EM64T (after using IA-32e)

Microsoft and Sun call it x64

AMD calls it AMD64 (after using x86-64)

PDFlib binaries for Intel 64 work on all architectures listed above. They do not work on Intel Itanium (formerly called IA-64), which is a separate architecture. Because of the vendor-specific conventions we continue to use the term "x64" instead of "Intel 64" in the context of Sun and Microsoft operating systems.

Microsoft Windows

Generally, PDFlib products work with Windows NT or newer (NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/7). Desktop systems like Windows 2000/XP/7 and Vista, require a different license than Windows Server 2000/2003/2008 (but a server license works with desktop systems, too)

The COM edition of PDFlib requires Windows NT SP3 or newer.

The .NET edition of PDFlib requires .NET Framework 1.1 or newer. With ASP.NET 2.0 PDFlib.NET requires Full Trust level; it does not work with any other trust level, including High or Medium Trust

PDFlib on Windows is available for IA-32 Intel 32 bit architecture (x86).

Windows 64-bit: Windows XP Professional x64 Edition/Windows 7 64 bit/64-bit Version of Windows Server 2003/2008 (on AMD Athlon 64, AMD Opteron, Intel Xeon with EM64T, and Intel Pentium 4 with EM64T) are supported by PDFlib for C, C++ and Java.


PDFlib on Linux requires a glibc-based system.

gcc 3.0 or higher is required for building PDFlib from source, or using PDFlib with C or C++ programs.

PDFlib on Linux is available for the following hardware architectures:

IA-32 Intel 32 bit architecture (x86)

Intel 64 (AMD64; according to Intel also the compatible EM64T)

IA-64 Intel 64 bit architecture (Itanium-based systems))

IBM zSeries


IA-32 Intel 32-bit architecture (x86):

PDFlib supports FreeBSD 6.

PDFlib supports FreeBSD 7/8.

x86_64 (AMD64; according to Intel also the compatible EM64T):

PDFlib supports FreeBSD 6.

PDFlib supports FreeBSD 7/8.

Apple Mac on PPC and Intel

Mac OS X Server requires a different license than Mac OS X, but a server license works with desktop systems, too.

The Mac OS X package contains binaries for Intel 32-bit and PowerPC 32-bit.

The Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) package contains binaries for Intel 32-bit, Intel 64-bit, PowerPC 32-bit, and PowerPC 64-bit.

Note that Apple's PHP version which is bundled with Mac OS X does not work with PDFlib DSOs. To use PHP with PDFlib on Mac OS X you need third-party PHP packages.

Important note for PHP on Mac OS X 10.5

Note the following important restrictions regarding the use of PDFlib with PHP on Mac OS X 10.5 (for details refer to the PDFlib-in-PHP-HowTo document):
Because of system changes (for details see here) in Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) host font access is not possible with PDFlib and the Apache module for PHP. You must either run PHP as a CGI in Apache, or disable the host font feature.

HP operating systems

HP-UX 10.20 or above with ILP32 on PA-RISC 1.1 and above (ILP32 means that ints, longs, and pointers are 32 bits wide)

HP-UX 11 LP64 on PA-RISC 2.0 (LP64 means that longs and pointers are 64 bits wide, compiled with the +DA2.0W HP-C compiler option)

HP-UX 11i on Itanium (IA-64)

HP OpenVMS 8 on IA-64


PDFlib supports Sun Solaris 8-10 on Sparc and Intel architecture.

PDFlib is available in separate editions for  the 32-bit and 64-bit environment.

IBM operating systems

pSeries with AIX:

PDFlib supports AIX 5 and 6.

PDFlib for AIX 64-bit supports AIX 5 and 6.

i5/iSeries (AS/400):

PDFlib supports OS V5R1M0 and above, Teraspace and Large File support is included.

PDFlib 7.0.3 and above, TET 2.3 and above and PLOP 4 and above also support OS V6R1M0 and above.


PDFlib supports OS/390 2.10 and above, and z/OS.

We currently do not support 64-bit applications on z/OS.