Availability PDFlib 9

Availability of PDFlib 9 Licenses

In order to protect customer investments and to allow customers to extend existing PDFlib 9 installations without changing their software stack, PDFlib 9 licenses are still available after the release of PDFlib 10. The exact conditions of PDFlib 9 availability depend on whether or not the customer has an active support agreement as detailed in the following table:

Customer already has... PDFlib 9 is available until...
no PDFlib 9 licenses January 2022
PDFlib 9 licenses without support December 2022
PDFlib 9 licenses with active support December 2023 (end of lifetime for PDFlib 9)


PDFlib 9 licenses purchased after January 31, 2022 are not eligible for free updates to PDFlib 10 (even with active support). However, they can be updated at the reduced fee (60% of the target price) to the same version 10 product on the same platform (e.g. a PDFlib 9 license can be changed to a PDFlib 10 license at 60% of the list price of PDFlib 10).

Updates to the current maintenance release of PDFlib 9 (minor update) are available as long as new licenses for PDFlib 9 are available.