pCOS Cookbook



annotationsupdatedRetrieve the contents of all annotations.
articlesCreate a list of all articles contained in a PDF document.
attachmentsDetermine the total number of file attachments.
bookmarksRetrieve all bookmarks.
check_weblinknewCheck HTTP response codes for the Web links in a PDF document.
formfieldsList form fields and emit their properties and values.
geospatialRetrieve geospatial reference information from a GeoPDF document.
javascriptCount javascript occurrences in the document.
link_destinationsEnumerate all links in the document and determine the destination.
named_destinationsPrint the names of all destinations which are defined in the document.
package_propertiesDump package properties.
signaturesRetrieve digital signature information including PAdES status.
weblinksRetrieve the bounding box and the URL of all Web links on the page.