PDFlib Cookbook



align_text_at_image Align text at an image.
alpha_channel Demonstrate use of an integrated alpha channel in TIFF and/or PNG images.
center_image_on_card Place an image on an imported PDF card.
clip_image Clip image.
frame_around_image Draw a frame around an image.
image_color_manipulation Manipulate image colors with the 'decode' and 'chromakey' options.
image_dimensions Get the dimensions of an image for various purposes.
image_from_url Read an image from an URL and place it in a PDF document.
image_mask Place an image and apply a mask to it.
image_rounded_corners Place an image with rounded corners.
integrated_clipping_path Place an image and apply its integrated clipping path.
multi_page_tiff Convert a TIFF image containing one or more frames to PDF.
starter_image Load and place an image using various options for scaling and positioning.
tiling_pattern Define a tiling pattern containing an image and use it to cover the page background with tiles.
transparent_images Create transparent images.