PDFlib Use Cases

PDFlib Use Cases

»Save as PDF« for Applications
PDFlib easily integrates into all kinds of applications to enable reliable and high-quality PDF output. Many well-known developers of graphics programs, geogra­phical information systems (GIS), prepress and DTP applications and from many other domains rely on PDFlib to add value to their products.

Invoices for an Online Shop
Dynamic invoice generation is one of the most popular PDFlib scenarios. The generated PDF invoices can be viewed in the Web browser, made available for separate download, or e-mailed to the user.
Use PDFlib to place transaction data (customer details, item list, prices, etc.) on a PDF page. Add images, such as a company logo, in a variety of image formats. Use PDFlib+PDI to incorporate existing PDF material, for example company stationery as background.

Mail Merge
PDFlib+PDI imports one or more pages of an existing PDF and adds individual text and images to create unique letters. The programmer adds code for retrieving text or graphics from a text file or database. A single large PDF containing all letters can be produced for printing, or many personalized small PDFs for e-mailing to the recipients.
If you need more flexibility because slightly different mailings must be produced or changes in the page design occur frequently, you can use the PDFlib Personalization Server (PPS). This facilitates both the designer’s and the programmer’s job when it comes to variable data processing.

Invoices and Reports from Office Applications
PDFlib can be attached to common office applications. You can add PDF capability to MS Office and other applications with the popular Visual Basic scripting language. Use PDFlib to create invoices from an MS ­Access database in order to print or e-mail them to customers. Use PDFlib+PDI to incorporate PDF company stationery. Make PDF processing even more efficient by deploying PDFlib Personalization Server (PPS).

Commercial Printing
Customers use PDFlib to build systems for creating, assembling, or personalizing PDF documents for commercial printing. In many cases these production systems are accessible via a Web browser.
The PDFlib product family supports a variety of features for the graphics arts industry, including color management with ICC profiles, CMYK color, spot colors with built-in PANTONE® and HKS® tables, and PDF/X-compatible output.

Mass Generation of Phone Bills
PDFlib has a proven track record in mission-critical environments. Even with several millions of bills in each run you won’t experience performance or reliability problems. PDFlib works on any kind of server, including midrange and mainframe systems.

Spice up existing PDFs
First, you import the pages from your PDF with PDFlib+PDI. Then you add a transparent stamp, running page numbers, barcodes, company logo, or any other content. You can even add interactive elements including links, form fields, bookmarks, etc. With these features you can approach PDF problems with a post-processing solution.