TET Cookbook


TET and PDFlib

Modify or enhance PDF document with PDFlib+PDI based on their text contents
create_web_linksEnhance PDFs with TET and PDFlib+PDI.
create_bookmarksGenerate bookmarks based on specific page content.
burstSplit a document into smaller parts based on some page contents.
highlight_search_termsHighlight text on imported pages based on some criteria.
search_and_replace_textFind text with TET, hide it with a white rectangle, and add the replacement text on top of it.
create_table_of_contentsAutomatically create table of contents based on tyographic rules.
highlight unmapped glyphsHighlight unmapped glyphs (i.e. glyphs for which TET could not determine a Unicode mapping).
highlight fontsHighlight text in certain fonts.