TET / TET PDF IFilter 5.1 available


Find out about new and improved features in PDFlib TET 5.1, our reliable Text and Image Extraction Toolkit:


(un)numbered lists now identified and expressed in TETML

repair mode for damaged input documents with cross-reference streams

improved workarounds for non-conforming input documents

improved performance for disabled image, color, and vector engines


Free trials available for TET 5.1 and TET PDF IFilter 5.1, the Enterpise Search for Windows.
Also try our free TET Plugin for easy access to PDFlib TET.

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PDFlib 9.1.2 now available


The maintenance release PDFlib/PDFlib+PDI/PPS 9.1.2 brings various bug fixes and improvements in all functional areas including the following:


updated several third-party libraries to latest versions to guard against potential security vulnerabilities

SVG support for automatically rotating glyphs in vertical text

Tagged PDF and PDF/UA improvements

identify certain kinds of unsupported input data, e.g. OpenType font variations

improved handling of damaged and non-standard JPEG flavors as well as invalid XMP

improved performance of SVG processing

updated language bindings and build support, e.g. PHP 7.2, Ruby 2.5, Java 9

PDF/VT encapsulation for imported PDF pages

accelerated text output, especially on IBM zSeries


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PLOP / PLOP DS 5.2 available


PDFlib PLOP, our versatile tool for linearizing, optimizing, repairing, analyzing, encrypting and decrypting PDF documents. PDFlib PLOP DS, our solutiion for applying digital signatures to PDF documents. Check out the latest powerful Version 5.2:


Support for OAEP padding and PSS encoding schemes for RSA

Time-stamping according to RFC 5816

Optimized file size and processing time for generating signatures

Support for indirect CRLs

Improvements for multi-threaded signing

Support for signing with a Hareware Security Module (HSM)


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PDF 2.0 has been published as new international standard!


In July 2017 PDF 2.0 has been published as ISO 32000-2. Read our overview of the highlights of the new PDF standard. New capabilites, notably for Tagged PDF and print production have been introduced. Also, find out about those features that have been present in Acrobat and existing PDF standards for quite a while. We have covered some deprecated features as well.