Support requires a support contract, which includes technical support with short response times and free minor and major updates.

We also offer product support on a voluntary basis, but do not guarantee response times in this case. For details please see our Support Details.

Bug reports will only be accepted if the latest maintenance release of the respective product line is used. If a problem cannot be reproduced with the latest available maintenance release, but only earlier versions, the case will be closed. For example, a bug report in version 9.0.0 will not be accepted if the bug has been fixed in the maintenance release 9.0.1.

Support cases will only be accepted during the lifetime of a product. Example: the lifetime of PDFlib 8 ended in 02/2015.

We also monitor and actively contribute to a PDFlib mailing list which provides helpful answers to thousands of user questions on programming with PDFlib products.

Opening a support case

PDFlib support is available by e-mail or phone for PDFlib customers. You can reach our support at

If you have trouble with a PDFlib product, please send the following information to

Your company name and (unless you are still evaluating the product) your license key

A description of your problem

Exact product version (including maintenance release and possibly patchlevel number), the operating system platform and language binding

Relevant code snippets for reproducing the problem, or a small PDF file exhibiting the problem if you can't construct a code snippet easily

Sample data files if necessary (image files, for example)

We guarantee full confidentiality within PDFlib GmbH for data supplied with support cases.

In some cases PDFlib logging output may be required. Logging can be enabled as follows: 
command-line: export PDFLIBLOGGING="filename=PDFlib.log" 
source code: p.set_parameter("logging", "filename=PDFlib.log"); 
(or similar for other shells and language bindings).

Details of the PDF viewer (if relevant) where the problem occurs