PLOP and PLOP DS 5 available

PDFlib PLOP is a versatile tool for linearizing, optimizing, repairing, analyzing, encrypting and decrypting PDF documents.

PDFlib PLOP DS additionally offers the ability to apply digital signatures to PDF documents. PLOP DS 5 applies digital signatures to PDF documents according to the latest standards and technologies:


PAdES/CAdES signatures according to ETSI TS 102 778

Signatures enabled for Long-Term Validation (LTV)

All certificates embedded for validation without any prior configuration

Time-stamped signatures and document-level time-stamps

PDF/A, PDF/UA, PDF/X and PDF/VT conformance

Software and hardware certificates, e.g. smartcards or USB tokens

Elliptic curve and Brainpool signatures

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PDFlib 9.0.5 available


Updating to 9.0.5 is recommended for all users of PDFlib, PDFlib+PDI and PDFlib Personalization Server 9.0.x under active support. Customers without an active support agreement can purchase a minor update in order to switch to PDFlib 9.0.5.


The PDFlib Block plugin has been updated to version 5.5. It introduces support for Acrobat DC (the Block Plugin for Acrobat DC on OS X is available as Beta version).


PDFlib 9.0.5 improvements (among others):


Performance improvements for certain situations, e.g. font or image enumeration in very large documents and import of Tagged PDF documents

Enhanced support for OpenType feature lookup types and the OpenType Collection font format

Support for proportional metrics in vertical writing mode


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pCOS Cookbook

The PDFlib pCOS Cookbook is a collection of pCOS coding fragments for retrieving all kinds of information from PDF documents. 


German ZUGFeRD Format for Invoices

PDFlib 9 supports the PDF/A-1/2/3 standards and can be used to implement the ZUGFeRD format. 



TET 4.4 released

Maintenance version of established text and image extraction tool released.

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PDFlib Cookbook


The PDFlib Cookbook is a collection of PDFlib coding fragments for solving specific problems. The Cookbook topics help you develop solutions based on the PDFlib product family. You can browse Java code, PHP code and PDF output for all Cookbook topics, or download a package with all code samples along with auxiliary input data.