PDFlib Cookbook



blendmode updated Demonstrate all blend modes available in PDF.
blendmode_effects updated Demonstrate various color effects with blend modes.
color_All_for_cropmarks Create crop marks which will be visible on all color separations, using the special spot color "All".
color_gradient updated Fill some area or text with a smooth transition from one color to another.
colorize_image_with_DeviceN_color Create a DeviceN color space based on two Pantone spot colors to colorize a 2-channel image in raw format.
devicen_color Define and use several DeviceN colors.
iccprofile_to_image updated Assign an ICC profile to an image.
overprint Demonstrate overprint controls using CMYK and DeviceN colors or blend modes.
recombine_color_channels Colorize images and place all colorized images on top of each other.
reverse_printing 'Reverse printing' is the process of printing text or graphical elements by applying ink to the surrounding area and keeping the text unprinted.
softmask_effects updated Create a soft mask based on arbitrary geometric objects.
spot_color Define and use several spot colors.
spot_color_shading Define and use several spot colors as shading.
starter_color Demonstrate all supported color spaces.
svg_color_extension Demonstrate SVG color extensions: Load SVG graphics with non-sRGB color spaces including CMYK and spot color.
web_colornames Create a list of Web colors with color names and RGB color patches.