PDFlib Cookbook



clone_pdfaClone PDF/A and PDF/X standard documents.
images_to_pdfa2bConvert grayscale, CMYK or RGB image files in TIFF or JPEG format to PDF/A-2b, taking care of color space issues.
invoice_pdfa2aCombined PDF/UA-1 and PDF/A-2a invoice generation demo.
starter_pdfa1bCreate output conforming to PDF/A-1b.
starter_pdfa2bCreate PDF/A-2b conforming output with layers, transparency and PDF/A attachments.
text_to_pdfa2bOutput text conforming to PDF/A-2b, taking care of color space and font issues.
transparent_stamp_for_pdfa1Apply a transparent stamp to an existing PDF/A-1 document while maintaining PDF/A-1 conformance.
xmp_extension_schema_pdfa2bDemonstrate an XMP extension schema for PDF/A-1.
xmp_extension_schema_with_type_pdfa2bDemonstrate a complex XMP extension schema for PDF/A-1.
zugferd_add_xml_to_pdfa3bZUGFeRD: Add XML invoice to PDF.
zugferd_invoice_pdfa3bCreate a PDF/A-3b ZUGFeRD invoice from scratch.