PDFlib Cookbook



clone_pdfuaClone PDF/A, PDF/UA and PDF/X standard documents.
merge_and_stamp_pdfuaMerge PDF/UA documents including the document structure trees. Additional text is stamped onto each page and tagged as Artifact.

Create PDF/UA-1 document with various content types including structure elements, artifacts, and interactive elements.

tag_out_of_orderDemonstrate how to create Tagged PDF out of order.
tag_parallel_columnsDemonstrate how to tag multiple columns in parallel with activate_item().
tagged_form_fieldsCreate accessible form field according to PDF/UA.
tagged_invoiceDemonstrate combined PDF/UA-1 and PDF/A-2a invoice generation.
tagged_listDemonstrate list tagging.
tagged_pdf_with_textflowCreate a Tagged PDF containing a Textflow with appropriate structure elements on several pages.
tagged_scan_with_ocr_textTagging for invisible OCR text which accompanies a scanned page.
tagged_tableDemonstrate automatic table tagging.

For more information about PDF/UA please see here