pCOS Cookbook


Cookbook for the pCOS Interface

The Cookbook for the pCOS interface is a collection of pCOS coding fragments for solving specific PDF query problems. It is maintained as a list of sample programs. The Cookbook topics are written in the Java language, but can easily be ported to other programming languages since the API is identical for all supported language bindings. Each Cookbook topic denotes the pCOS interface version required for the topic's execution.

The pCOS interface is an integrated part of the following PDFlib GmbH products:

The pCOS Cookbook supports a generic Java interface so that the Cookbook topics can be used with any of the products listed above. All packages contain relevant pCOS documentation; the pCOS Manual for pCOS interface 13 is also available separately. See below for pCOS interface versions supported in specific product versions.

All Cookbook topics can be used with the free product evaluation packages without applying a license key. However, the pCOS interface in evaluation packages is limited to small documents (up to 10 pages and 1 MB file size)

Availability of the pCOS Interface

As the pCOS interface is extended and new features are added, the pCOS interface number is increased. The table below details the pCOS interface numbers which are implemented in various product versions.

pCOS interface PDFlib GmbH product name and version

PLOP 5.3/5.4, PLOP DS 5.3/5.4

TET 5.2/5.3, TET PDF IFilter 5.2/5.3

13 PDFlib+PDI 10, PPS 10

pCOS interface versions implemented in PDFlib GmbH products.

Browse all pCOS Cookbook Topics

Each topic can be viewed individually in the browser together with its source code, description and the output generated by pCOS. For a complete list of Cookbook topics see Browse all Topics.

pCOS Cookbook for Java

The pCOS Cookbook package contains the Java files and sample input data, as well as an Ant build file and an Eclipse project. The Cookbook topics can conveniently be compiled and run with the Java build tool Apache Ant. Alternatively, you can manually compile and run the samples. For installing and working with the pCOS Cookbook, see the "readme" file in the "doc" folder of the Cookbook Package.

The pCOS Cookbook package contains an Eclipse project file that allows the direct import of the Cookbook into an Eclipse workspace.

As a prerequisite for using the PDFlib pCOS Cookbook topics the Java binding for one of the PDFlib GmbH products with an integrated pCOS interface must be installed (see list above).

Download the full pCOS Cookbook package (requires pCOS interface 13)

pCOS-Cookbook-2022-07.tar.gz (4.0 MB)

pCOS-Cookbook-2022-07.zip (4.0 MB)

Older pCOS package for use with pCOS interface 8 (available in PDFlib+PDI 9 and PPS 9):

pCOS-Cookbook-2020-08.tar.gz (2.7MB)

pCOS-Cookbook-2020-08.zip (2.7 MB)