PDFlib Cookbook


PDF Import

clone_page_boxesClone the ArtBox, TrimBox, BleedBox, CropBox, and MediaBox entries of an imported PDF page.
crop_imported_pagesCrop the pages of an existing PDF document.
import_in_reverse_orderRead the pages of an input PDF document and output them in reverse order.
import_pages_into_layersImport two pages and place them on two layers on the same output page.
import_repeated_contentsIn order to keep the output file size small, handles to imported PDF pages or images should be reused for repeated contents.
rotate_pagesRotate the pages of an existing PDF document.
scale_down_imported_pagesPlace A4 pages from an imported PDF as A5 pages in the output document.
split_documentSplit PDF document in separate output documents where each output document contains a range of one or more pages from the input document.
stamp_pagesPlace a stamp on the pages of an existing PDF document.
starter_pcosupdatedDump information from an existing PDF document.
starter_pdfimposeImport all pages from one or more existing PDFs, and place c x r pages on each sheet of the output PDF (imposition).
starter_pdfmergeMerge pages from multiple PDF documents.