PDFlib Cookbook



align_decimalsAlign decimal numbers in a table.
colorize_cellsProvide some table cells with a colored background.
fit_formfield_into_cellFit a form field into a table cell, e.g. to create a pushbutton in the cell.
mixed_table_contentsupdatedDemonstrate how to place various kinds of contents in table cells spanning one or more columns or rows.
nested_tablesPlace a sub-table in one table cell.
repeat_cell_contentsShow how table cell contents will be repeated on the next table instance if a cell or a row is split.
spread_oversized_tableOutput a table on 2 x m pages as it is needed to fit it completely.
spread_text_over_cellsUse the 'continue' option of add_table_cell() to continue a Textflow in another cell.
starter_tableCreate table which may span multiple pages.
table_contact_sheetCreate a contact sheet with photos and their labels.
table_invoiceCreate an invoice using the table formatter.
table_rotated_textCreate a table containing rotated text.
table_row_heightDefine the height of the rows in a table.
table_scheduleCreate a weekly booking plan for the meeting rooms of a company.
table_timesheetCreate a time sheet for the working hours of an employee.
vertical_text_alignmentDemonstrate vertical alignment of text lines and Textflows in a table cell.