PDFlib Cookbook



arrowsCreate an arrow using different methods.
dashed_linesCreate some dash patterns to be used as line styles.
fill_patternDefine some hatching patterns and use them to fill arbitrary shapes.
fill_rulesDefine some overlapping vector graphics and fill them using various methods.
hierarchical_layersDefine a layer hierarchy using the parent and child options.
layers_and_bookmarksDefine two layers and hide or show them via bookmarks.
overprinting_textCreate text which will overprint other page contents instead of knocking it out.
pdfclockCreate an analog clock with current time.
rounded_rectangleCreate a rectangle with rounded corners.
stamp_on_print_layerPlace a stamp on a layer which is only visible upon printing.
starter_graphicsCreate some basic examples of vector graphics.
starter_layerDefine several layers, output images and text into them and define particular layers to be visible when opening the document.
starter_svgLoad SVG graphics and fit into a box.
transparent_graphicsCreate some transparent graphics objects.