PDFlib Cookbook


Form Fields

barcode_fieldCreate the three types of barcode fields that Acrobat supports.
form_and_layersDefine two layers for English or German contents and hide or show them via form field buttons.
form_checkboxCreate form fields of type "checkbox".
form_comboboxCreate a form field of type "combobox" for choosing an item from a list or changing an existing item.
form_listboxCreate a form field of type "listbox" for choosing an item from a list.
form_multiline_textfieldCreate a form field of type "textfield" for entering multiline text.
form_pushbuttonCreate form fields of type "pushbutton" for executing the "Print" and "Save As" commands."
form_radiobuttonCreate a field group with three form fields of type "radiobutton".
form_synchronized_fieldsCreate multiple form fields of type 'textfield' with synchronized values
form_tab_orderDefine the position of each form field in the tab order, i.e. when the user presses the "Tab" key.
form_textfield_fill_with_jsFill a form text field with a value using JavaScript.
form_textfield_heightDetermine the height of a form field of type "textfield" with respect to the font size and vice versa.
form_textfield_input_checkCheck whether the date entered in a form field of type "textfield" has been formatted correctly.
form_textfield_input_formatFormat the data entered in a form field of type "textfield" according to the specified rules
form_textfield_layoutSpecify the layout of a form field of type "textfield" for displaying a date.
form_triggers_js_actionsDemonstrate all possibilities to trigger a JavaScript action from a form field.
starter_formfieldsCreate linearized PDF which is encrypted and contains some form fields.