PDFlib Cookbook



avoid_linebreakingCreate a Textflow and define various options for line breaking.
bulleted_listOutput numbered and bulleted lists.
continue_note_after_textInsert a dot sequence automatically at the end of a Textflow fitbox after the last word which can be shown together with the dots completely inside the fitbox.
continue_textflow_in_annotationnewContinue Textflow in annotation: store overflow text in a Text annotation, also called 'sticky note'.
create_interactive_indexIn a Textflow define some terms to be indexed and create a sorted index from the indexed terms.
current_text_positionDemonstrate how the current text position can be used to output simple text, text lines, or Textflows next to one another.
distance_between_paragraphsControl the distance between adjacent paragraphs.
dot_leaders_with_tabsUse leaders to fill the space defined by tabs between left-aligned and right-aligned text, such as in a table of contents.
drop_capsCreate initial drop cap at the beginning of text.
fill_polygons_with_textDefine arbitrary polygons to be filled with text.
footnotes_in_textCreate footnotes (superscript text) in a Textflow provided with links to jump to the footnote text.
keep_lines_togetherControl the lines kept together on the page.
numbered_listOutput numbered lists with the numbers left- or right-aligned.
rotated_textCreate text output which does not run horizontally, but at some angle.
starter_textflowCreate multi-column text output which may span multiple pages.
tabstops_in_textCreate simple multi-column layout using tab stops.
text_on_colorPlace a text line and a Textflow on a colored background.
text_with_image_clipping_pathUse the clipping path from a TIFF or JPEG image to shape text output.
textflow_with_shadingCreate multi-column output with text and use a shading where the geometry of each shading matches the respective text column.
transparent_part_of_textUse gstate in Textflow, e.g. for transparency/opacity.
underlined_textupdatedCreate underlined text.
vertical_alignment_in_fitboxControl the vertical alignment of text in the fitbox.
weblink_in_textCreate a Textflow and integrate colorized Web links in the text.
widows_and_orphansCreate multi-column text output which may span multiple pages.
wrap_text_around_imagesPlace images within a Textflow.
wrap_text_around_polygonsUse arbitrary polygons as wrapping shapes for text to wrap around.