pCOS Cookbook



annotationsupdatedRetrieve the contents of all annotations.
articlesCreate a list of all articles contained in a PDF document.
attachmentsDetermine the total number of file attachments.
bookmarksRetrieve all bookmarks.
check_weblinknewCheck HTTP response codes for the Web links in a PDF document.
formfieldsList form fields and emit their properties and values.
geospatialRetrieve geospatial reference information from a GeoPDF document.
javascriptCount javascript occurrences in the document.
link_destinationsEnumerate all links in the document and determine the destination.
named_destinationsPrint the names of all destinations which are defined in the document.
package_propertiesDump package properties.
signaturesRetrieve digital signature information including PAdES status.
weblinksRetrieve the bounding box and the URL of all Web links on the page.


document_metadataRetrieve the document's XMP meta data.
dpart_to_xmlTransform a PDF/VT DPart tree to XML.
dumperupdatedpCOS sample application for dumping PDF information.
image_metadataRetrieve the XMP metadata for all images in the document.
pieceinfonewpCOS sample application for searching PieceInfo for document, pages, and Form XObjects (templates).
retrieve_associated_filesupdatedRetrieve associated files from a document.
unpack_portfolionewExtract files from PDF portfolio to disc.
zugferd_retrieve_XMLupdatedRetrieve XML invoice data and explanatory documents from ZUGFeRD 1.0, 2.0, 2.1 or Factur-X invoices


blocksCreate a list of all blocks contained on the pages of a PDF document and show their name, type and dimensions.
initialviewDetermine the page at which Acrobat opens the document.
page_colorspacesList all color spaces.
page_fontsCreate a list of all fonts contained in a PDF document and check if they are embedded.
page_imagesPrint information about all images in the document.
page_labelsPrint all page labels.
page_separationinfoPrint information about the color separations in the document.
page_sizeupdatedRetrieve the MediaBox and Rotation key for all pages.
page_transparencyIdentify transparent pages.
pagemodeDetermine which navigation tab (panel) is visible upon opening the document.


advanced_font_propertiesCreate a list of all fonts contained in a PDF document and print advanced properties of the fonts.
colorspacesList color spaces.
fontsCreate a list of all fonts contained in a PDF document and check if they are embedded.
imagesPrint information about all images in the document.


defaultlayersupdatedEmit the indented list of layer names which is presented in Acrobat by default.
layersupdatedCreate a list of all layers contained in a PDF document and show their names.
output_intentsAnalyze PDF/A, PDF/X and PDF 2.0 output intents on document or page level and print information about the corresponding ICC profiles.