AIX Binaries on System i

Deploying AIX Binaries on IBM System i with PASE

PDFlib GmbH products are available for IBM system i. Depending on the language binding AIX binaries for use with PASE or native System i binaries are available.

Using PDFlib GmbH Products on IBM System i with Java

In some situations IBM’s Portable Application Solutions Environment (PASE for i) is required, an »integrated runtime for porting selected applications from AIX systems«. PASE is not an emulation, but runs on the processor natively. Using PASE does not involve any performance penalty. PASE is available without additional charge and does not require users to learn AIX system administration since it is fully integrated into System i. More details about PASE can be found on the IBM Web site. IBM switched some packages to PASE, most notably the IT4J Java VM.

PASE and AIX binaries of PDFlib GmbH products are required for IBM System i deployment with Java. In order to use PDFlib, TET or PLOP/PLOP DS with Java on System i, the IT4J Java VM (32-bit or 64-bit) is required. Depending on the installed Java VM (see here for guidance) you need the Java library contained in the 32-bit or 64-bit AIX package of PDFlib, TET or PLOP/PLOP DS.

The required product binaries are not included in the PDFlib GmbH packages for System i, but must be taken from the corresponding AIX package. Although you must download AIX product packages in the situations described above, you must specify IBM System i as target platform when ordering license keys for using AIX binaries on System i. PDFlib GmbH product binaries for AIX accept System i license keys when running with PASE on System i.

Using PDFlib GmbH Products on IBM System i with ILE C/C++ or RPG

PDFlib GmbH products support C, C++ and RPG development on IBM System i natively in the following ways:

A native PLOP/PLOP DS library for ILE C, C++ and RPG is not available.

Using Command-line Tools of PDFlib GmbH Products on IBM System i

Command-line tools of the following PDFlib GmbH products can be deployed with PASE on IBM System i:

  • TET command-line tool
  • PLOP/PLOP DS and pCOS command-line tools