Value added Tax (VAT)

Like all EU businesses, PDFlib GmbH's invoicing and VAT handling is governed by EU law:

  • Customers from non-EU countries will not be charged VAT.
  • Customers from Germany will be charged VAT (MwSt.) according to the VAT rate valid at the time of invoicing.
  • Customers from all other EU countries must provide their VAT identification number, otherwise we cannot process the order.

Value Added Tax for customers in EU countries (except Germany)

PDFlib GmbH offers software for digital download and sells licenses which grant the right to use these software packages. In EU tax terms, PDFlib GmbH provides »electronically supplied services«. According to our General License and Support Conditions we offer licenses and support services only to business customers.

According to article 196, 205 of VAT directive 2006/112/EC these services are taxed in the country where the customer resides rather than where the supplier is located. VAT will be accounted for by the customer under the reverse charge (self-assessment) mechanism.

For this process, PDFlib GmbH needs the customer's VAT identification number. If the customer does not provide a valid VAT number, PDFlib GmbH cannot process the order.

For more information please see the Web site of the European Commission.

Since PDFlib GmbH must validate the supplied VAT ID against the contact data we need the following information:

  • VAT ID
  • company name
  • legal form of the company (e.g. Ltd, BV, Plc, SA, Sarl, Srl, SpA); it is important to supply the exact legal form of your company. The official VAT validation check is very picky about this. Missing or incorrect legal form is actually the single most important reason for failed VAT ID validation. VAT ID validation failures require extended communication between PDFlib GmbH and the customer and cause delays in order processing.
  • postal address under which the company is registered