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PDFlib TET Plugin is a free plugin for Adobe Acrobat for extracting text, images, and XMP metadata from PDF documents. TET Plugin provides easy access to PDFlib TET (TET and Image Extraction Toolkit). Although TET Plugin runs as an Acrobat plugin, the underlying text extraction is completely based on TET and does not use any Acrobat functions. TET Plugin is provided as a technology study to demonstrate the power of PDFlib TET.

The TET Plugin works with the following Acrobat versions:

  • Acrobat X/XI/DC Standard/Pro on Windows.
  • Acrobat X/XI/DC Pro/Professional on OS X/macOS.

The plugin doesn’t work with Adobe Reader/Acrobat Reader.

Important note: The November 2017 update of Acrobat DC (Continuous Track) changed the internal major version number. If you are using this or a newer Acrobat version you need at least TET Plugin 5.1p1, available below. Earlier versions of the Plugin don't work with current Acrobat DC (Continuous Track) releases.

English and German TET Plugin documentation is included in the package.

Windows (Acrobat X/XI/DC)TET Plugin 5.1
OS X/macOS (Acrobat DC)TET Plugin 5.1
OS X/macOS (Acrobat X/XI)TET Plugin 5.1

How to install the PDFlib TET Plugin is described here.