CMap Package

In order to create Chinese, Japanese, or Korean (CJK) text output with PDFlib with one of the predefined CMaps, PDFlib requires the corresponding CMap files for processing the incoming text and mapping CJK encodings to Unicode. The CMaps are not required for creating Unicode CJK output.

The CMaps are also required for extracting Text with PDFlib TET, but the TET packages already contain all required CMaps.

The CMap files should be installed as follows:

  • You can place the CMap files at any convenient directory, and must manually configure the CMap files by setting the searchpath at runtime, e.g:
  • As an alternative method for configuring access to the CJK CMap files you can set the PDFLIBRESOURCEFILE environment variable to point to a UPR configuration file which contains a suitable SearchPath definition.

See the PDFlib tutorial for more details on configuration options.