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PDFlib FontReporter is a free plugin for analyzing fonts in PDF documents. It generates detailed information reports from any PDF file loaded into Adobe Acrobat. With a single click, PDFlib FontReporter collects general information, font-related information, and glyph tables for all fonts in a PDF and generates a font report in a separate PDF.

The PDFlib FontReporter plugin works with the following Acrobat versions:

  • Acrobat 8-DC Standard, Pro/Professional and Pro Extended on Windows.
  • Acrobat X/XI/DC Standard and Pro/Professional on OS X/macOS 10.9 and higher.

The plugin doesn’t work with Acrobat Reader/Adobe Reader.

English FontReporter documentation is included in each of the software packages.

PDFlib FontReporter Plugin 1.12

Windows (Acrobat 8-DC)PDFlib FontReporter Plugin 1.12(English, German)
OS X/macOS (Acrobat X/XI/DC)PDFlib FontReporter Plugin 1.12(English, German)

Important note: The November 2017 update of Acrobat DC (Continuous Track) changed the internal major version number. If you are using this or a newer Acrobat version you need at least FontReporter 1.12, available below. Earlier versions of the Plugin don't work with current Acrobat DC (Continuous Track) releases.

How to install the PDFlib FontReporter Plugin is described here.