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Download PDFlib TET 5.1

Download PDFlib TET by clicking on the appropriate software package. PDFlib TET can be evaluated without a license, but will only process PDF documents with up to 10 pages and 1 MB size unless a valid license key is applied. With the purchase of a PDFlib TET product license you will receive a license key. The license key will turn the software to an unrestricted version for commercial use.

PDFlib TET packages contain:

  • TET command-line tool
  • TET library for various programming languages
  • TET manual
  • programming samples for all language bindings
  • XSLT samples for processing TETML
  • Connectors for various search engines

Usability of Maintenance Updates

The latest TET 5 maintenance release is available to customers who purchase a new license and to customers with an active support agreement. Customers who have a license for an older maintenance release can purchase a minor update to use the latest maintenance release.

PDFlib TET 5.1 (released 05/2017)

PlatformPackage for use with
Windows - see system requirements
Windows Server x86 and WindowsXP/Vista/7/8/10 x86COM.NET, C, C++, JavaPerl, PHP, Python, Ruby
Windows Server (64-bit) and Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 (64-bit) x64COM.NET, C, C++, JavaPerl, Python
OS X/macOS - see system requirements
OS X/macOS 10.6 and above x86/x64C, C++, JavaPerl, PHP, Python, Ruby
Linux - see system requirements
Linux x86 (32-bit)C, C++, JavaPerl, PHP, Python, Ruby
Linux Intel 64 (x86_64)C, C++, JavaPerl, PHP, Python, Ruby
Mobile and Embedded Systems - system requirements
Android 32-bitC, C++Java
iOS 32- and 64-bit (universal)Objective-C, C, C++
Embedded Linux (details)C, C++
Oracle/IBM/HP - see system requirements
Oracle Solaris sparc 32-bitC, C++, JavaPerl, PHP, Python
Oracle Solaris sparc 64-bitC, C++, Java
Oracle Solaris x86C, C++, JavaPerl, PHP, Python, Ruby
Oracle Solaris x64C, C++, Java
IBM AIX 5/6/7 32-bitC, C++, JavaPerl, PHP, Python
IBM AIX 5/6/7 64-bitC, C++, Java
HP-UX 11 IA-64 (ILP32)C, C++, JavaPerl, PHP
HP-UX 11 IA-64 (LP64)C, C++, Java
IBM i5/iSeries and zSeries - see system requirements
i5/iSeries (AS/400)
(OS V5 R3 M0 or above)
C, C++, ILE-RPGJava, PHP1
zSeries (USS)C, C++, Java
zSeries (USS, 64-bit)C, C++, Java
zSeries (MVS)C

1) See here regarding the use of AIX binaries for Java or PHP for deployment on IBM i5/iSeries.

  • We support PHP 5.4-5.6, 7.0 and 7.1 (not all versions are available on all platforms). See our PDFlib in PHP HowTo document for more info about PHP and PDFlib.
  • Perl 5.18, 5.20, 5.22 and 5.24 are supported.
  • Python 2.5, 2.6, 2.7, 3.3, 3.4 and 3.5 are supported.
  • Ruby 2.1, 2.2, 2.3 and 2.4 are supported.

If you want to check that your download was free of transmission errors, we provide md5 checksums for all download packages.

PDFlib TET Documentation

The PDFlib TET Manual provides a thorough introduction to programming with PDFlib TET and the complete TET API. It is a must-read for all TET developers.

PDFlib TET Reference ManualThe English edition of the PDFlib TET Reference Manual is included in all TET 5.1 packages.
pCOS Path ReferenceEnglish Path Reference for pCOS interface 11
PDFlib TET ReferenzhandbuchGerman PDFlib TET 5.0 Reference Manual
pCOS PfadreferenzGerman Path Reference for pCOS interface 11

PDFlib TET Reference Manual

Japanese PDFlib TET 5.1 Reference Manual

pCOS Path Reference

Japanese Path Reference for pCOS interface 11