Deprecated API Methods and Options

Deprecated and Removed Methods and Options

While a number of PDFlib API methods have been declared as deprecated in earlier versions, API methods so far have never been removed, but were still offered as migration aid. PDFlib 10 removes all API methods which have been declared as deprecated in PDFlib 9 or earlier versions. In most cases simple one-to-one replacements are available.

Similarly, deprecated options have been removed. In most cases the underlying functionality is still supported and simple replacement options are available. Some features are no longer available at all, either because there is no demand in the marketplace (e.g. Reference XObjects) or because they have been declared as deprecated in PDF 2.0, e.g. OPI and Flash.

PDFlib 9 applications which don’t use any deprecated features can be used unmodified with PDFlib 10. If your application uses deprecated features please take a look at the PDFlib Migration Guide. This document contains detailed lists of deprecated and removed API methods, options and features as well as notes regarding the required changes in application code.

The PDFlib Migration Guide also explains how to identify deprecated features with PDFlib 9 before migrating to PDFlib 10.