Major Updates

Updates to a new Major Version

A major update changes an older license to a license for a newer major version on the same platform (e.g. PDFlib 9 for Linux to PDFlib 10 for Linux). A major update invalidates the previous license. However, the old and new licenses may be used in parallel within a migration period of 60 days. A valid license key must be supplied with each major update order.

Customers without a support contract can add support with the major update. In this case the support fee is calculated as 20% of the list price of the target product (not 20% of the reduced update fee).

How to identify Major Releases

When PDFlib GmbH releases new software it is designated as minor (maintenance) or major release. A new major release increases the first part of the version number (e.g. from PDFlib 9 to PDFlib 10).

A list of major releases along with the corresponding release dates and product lifetime can be found here.