PLOP DS Prices

Both products of the PLOP product family are delivered in a combined package which is fully functional, but has a few restrictions until a valid license key is applied. Depending on your order the license key activates either PDFlib PLOP or PDFlib PLOP DS.

PLOP 5 and PLOP DS 5 Prices

US-$ prices are for customers in the Americas, Australia and Japan; Euro prices for all other regions. Volume discounts are available for 5 or more licenses in a single order. Premium licenses are available for integration and royalty-free redistribution.
All prices are net prices. Details on VAT handling are available here.

Windows/Linux/FreeBSDPLOP 5.4PLOP DS 5.4
Windows ServerEuro 195
US-$ 250
Euro 875
US-$ 1150
Linux x86/Intel 64
FreeBSD x86/Intel 64

Euro 395
US-$ 495

Euro 1775
US-$ 2350

IBM i5/iSeries1
Windows Desktop and macOS
Windows 7/8/10
(license not valid for Windows Server)
Euro 75
US-$ 95
Euro 325
US-$ 440
IBM zSeries
Please contact for IBM zSeries pricing.

1 Customers who want to use PLOP/PLOP DS on i5/iSeries must order a license for i5/iSeries, but install the AIX package according to our instructions for deploying AIX binaries with PASE.


A major update changes an existing license to a license for a functionally enhanced version of the same product on the same platform. Licenses for PLOP 4.x can be updated to PLOP 5.4 at a reduced license fee.

Customers without a support contract can add support with a major update. In this case the support fee is based on the full license fee of the product (not the update fee).

 Major Update from
PLOP 5.460%-
PLOP DS 5.4-60%

A minor update changes a 5.x license to a license for a newer maintenance release (minor version) on the same platform. The fee for minor updates is 20% of the list price of the target product.