PDFlib - A library for generating PDF on the Fly


PDFlib offers methods for generating PDF documents with text, graphics, images, and interactive elements such as annotations or bookmarks.  The PDFlib API supports PDF creation on different levels which can freely be mixed.

Low-level APIs allow you to place individual items on the page, using formatting information provided by the application. An application which already determined the layout (e.g. for screen display) can directly place text, images and other objects on the PDF page.

High-level APIs support powerful formatting features:

  • Single-line text output with various formatting controls.
  • Textflow formatter for placing arbitrary amounts of text in one or more columns or pages. The text can be formatted in non-rectangular shapes, flow around images and contain interactive elements and structure information for Tagged PDF.
  • The flexible table formatter supports all types of contents in table cells like text, images, graphics and annotations or form fields. Large tables can be placed on multiple pages. Details of table formatting are controlled by a variety of options.
  • Image and SVG placement according to various fitting and formatting methods.