Opening a Support Case

General remarks

  • Support requires a support contract, which includes technical support with short response times and free minor and major updates.
  • We also offer product support on a voluntary basis, but do not guarantee response times in this case. For details please see our Support Details.
  • Bug reports will only be accepted if the latest maintenance release of the respective product line is used. If a problem cannot be reproduced with the latest available maintenance release, but only earlier versions, the case will be closed. For example, a bug report in version 10.0.1 will not be accepted if the bug has been fixed in the maintenance release 10.0.2.
  • Support cases will only be accepted during the lifetime of a product. Example: the lifetime of PDFlib 9 ended in 12/2023.

Opening a support case

PDFlib support is available by e-mail or phone for PDFlib customers. You can reach our support at or via the Apryse Support portal.

If you have trouble with a PDFlib product, please send the following information to

  • Your company name and (unless you are still evaluating the product) your license key
  • A description of your problem
  • Exact product version (including maintenance release and possibly patchlevel number), the operating system platform and language binding
  • Relevant code snippets for reproducing the problem, or a small PDF file exhibiting the problem if you can't construct a code snippet easily
  • Sample data files if necessary (image files, for example)
  • We guarantee full confidentiality within PDFlib GmbH for data supplied with support cases.
  • In some cases PDFlib logging output may be required. Logging can be enabled as follows: 
    command-line: export PDFLIBLOGGING="filename=PDFlib.log" 
    source code: p.set_option("logging {filename=PDFlib.log}");
    (or similar for other shells and language bindings).
  • Details of the PDF viewer (if relevant) where the problem occurs