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On desktop operating systems (Windows 8/10/11) TET PDF IFilter is freely available for non-commercial use which provides a convenient basis for test and evaluation. The commercial use on desktop systems requires a commercial license.

On Windows Server systems TET PDF IFilter can be evaluated without a license. However, it will only process PDF documents with up to 10 pages and 1 MB size unless a valid license key has been applied. With the purchase of a TET PDF IFilter product license you will receive a license key.  The license key will turn the software to an unrestricted version for commercial use.

Usability of Maintenance Updates

The latest TET PDF IFilter maintenance release is available to customers who purchase a new license and to customers with an active support agreement. Customers with a license for an older maintenance release can purchase a minor update to use the latest maintenance release.

PDFlib TET PDF IFilter 5.5 (released 10/2024) 


Windows Server x86 and
Windows 10/11 x86

TET PDF IFilter 5.5

Windows Server x64 and
Windows 10/11 x64

TET PDF IFilter 5.5

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PDFlib TET PDF IFilter Documenation

The English TET PDF IFilter documentation is included in all software packages. The following documentation is available for download.

PDFlib TET PDF IFilter Manual

PDFlib TET PDF IFilter Manual

The English edition of the PDFlib TET PDF IFilter Manual is included in all TET PDF IFilter 5.5 packages.

pCOS Path Reference

English Path Reference for pCOS interface 13

PDFlib TET PDF IFilter Handbuch

German PDFlib TET PDF IFilter 5.0 Manual

pCOS Pfadreferenz German Path Reference for pCOS interface 11

PDFlib TET PDF IFilter Manual

Japanese PDFlib TET PDF IFilter 5.2 Manual

pCOS Path Reference

Japanese Path Reference for pCOS interface 12