Minor Updates

Minor Updates (Updates to the current Maintenance Version)

A minor update changes a license for an older maintenance release to a license for a newer maintenance release (minor version) on the same platform, e.g. PDFlib 10.0.0 for Linux to PDFlib 10.0.1 for Linux. A minor update »refreshes« the license key for the original license. Minor updates are only relevant for customers without support since customers with active support always can use the latest maintenance release.

Minor updates may be attractive for customers without support who realize that they need a particular maintenance release which cannot be used with their original license key.

A valid license key for the base license must be supplied when purchasing minor updates, and a refreshed license key will be delivered. Minor updates do not provide an additional license.

The following rules apply to minor updates:

  • Support cannot be added with minor updates.
  • Minor updates are available as long as new licenses for a major release are available.

The fee for minor updates is 20% of the list price of the target product.

How to identify Maintenance Releases

When PDFlib GmbH releases new software it is designated as minor (maintenance) or major release. While minor releases of the PDFlib product family usually increase the third part in the version number (e.g. from PDFlib 10.0.1 to 10.0.2), other products use only two parts (e.g. TET 5.4 to 5.5).

A list of maintenance releases along with the corresponding release dates (relevant for licenses without support) can be found here.