Updating to PDFlib 10

Updating to PDFlib 10

PDFlib 10 licensing is described on the purchase order form and in our General License and Support Conditions. The text below describes various situations related to updating older releases to PDFlib 10.

In this context »PDFlib 10« is a placeholder for any product of the PDFlib 10 family, i.e. PDFlib 10, PDFlib+PDI 10, and PPS 10.

Free Updates to PDFlib 10 for PDFlib 9 Licenses with active Support

Customers with an active support agreement are eligible for a free update to PDFlib 10. The free update must be requested during the active period of the support agreement. For example, if you terminate your support agreement in April 2022, you can no longer request a free update to PDFlib 10 after this date.

Major Updates to PDFlib 10 for PDFlib 9 Licenses without active Support

Licenses for a PDFlib 9 product without active support can be updated to PDFlib 10 by purchasing a major update according to our documented update paths. For example, a license for PDFlib+PDI 9 can be updated to PDFlib+PDI 10 at 60% of the list price of PDFlib+PDI 10 at the time of the update. Major updates can be combined with upgrades. Customers without a support contract can add support with a major update.

Customers with a license for PDFlib 8 and older versions can move to PDFlib 10 by purchasing a new license at list price.