Comparison PDFlib/PDFlib+PDI/PPS

Feature Comparison of PDFlib 10 Products


Feature API functions and parameters

Basic PDF generation

all except those listed below

Linearized (Web-optimized) PDF

linearize option

in PDF_end_document()

Optimize PDF (only relevant for inefficient client code and non-optimized imported PDF documents)

optimize option

in PDF_end_document()

Parsing PDF documents for Portfolio creation

password option

in PDF_add_portfolio_file()

PDF import (PDI)

all PDI functions


Query information from PDF with pCOS

all pCOS functions

Fill Blocks with variable data PDF_fill_*block( )    

Create Blocks programmatically

PDF_poca_new( ): option usage=blocks
PDF_begin/end_page_ext( ): option blocks


Copy Blocks to generated output

PDF_process_pdi( ): option action=copyblock
or action=copyallblocks


Interactively create PDFlib Blocks for use with PPS

PDFlib Block Plugin for Acrobat

1Not available in PDFlib source code packages since PDI is required internally for this feature