PDFlib Prices

PDFlib 10 Product Family Prices

The PDFlib product family is available in three different flavors (overview)

Each download package contains combined binaries with all three products. According to your order the license key activates PDFlib, PDFlib+PDI, or PPS.

Prices for the PDFlib 10 Product Family

Customers in the Americas, Australia and Japan will be invoiced in US-$, all other regions in Euro. Volume discounts are available for 5 or more licenses in a single order. Premium licenses are available for integration and royalty-free redistribution.
All prices are net prices. Details on VAT handling are available here.

Windows/Linux/FreeBSD PDFlib 10.0 PDFlib+PDI 10.0 PPS 10.0
Windows Server

Euro 1375
US-$ 1510

Euro 2750
US-$ 3020

Euro 4125
US-$ 4530

Linux x64/ARM64
FreeBSD x64


Euro 2750
US-$ 3020

Euro 5500
US-$ 6040

Euro 8250
US-$ 9060

IBM System i
Windows Desktop and macOS      
Windows 10/11
(license not valid for Windows Server)
Euro 525
US-$ 575
Euro 1050
US-$ 1150
Euro 1575
US-$ 1725
macOS x64/ARM64
IBM Z      
Please contact pdfliborders@apryse.com for IBM Z pricing.


We offer optional support contracts in combination with a new product license, or to renew an existing support contract. An active support contract includes technical support with short response times, all minor (maintenance) and major (functional) updates and other advantages (see support description).

The support fee is 20% of the license fee per year.


A major update changes an older license to a license for a newer major version on the same platform. Licenses for PDFlib 9 products can be updated to PDFlib 10 at a reduced license fee. An update invalidates the previous license. A valid license key must be supplied with each update order.

Customers without a support contract can add support with a major update. In this case the support fee is calculated as 20% of the list price of the target product (not 20% of the update fee).


Major Update from


PDFlib 9.x

PDFlib+PDI 9.x

PPS 9.x

PDFlib 10.0.x

60% of the target product's list price for all combinations

PDFlib+PDI 10.0.x

PPS 10.0.x

A minor update changes a 10.0.x license to a license for a newer maintenance release (minor version) on the same platform. The fee for minor updates is 20% of the list price of the target product.

Upgrades to a higher Product

An upgrade changes an existing license for a PDFlib 10.x product to a license for a more advanced product on the same platform and with the same version number, thereby invalidating the old license.  A valid license key must be supplied with each upgrade order.

If the previous license has been purchased without support, the customer can add support when upgrading to a higher product level. In this case the support fee is calculated as 20% of the list price of the target product (not 20% of the upgrade fee).

The following table indicates the fees for various upgrade combinations as a percentage of the target product’s list price:

  Upgrade from 
To PDFlib 10.0.x PDFlib+PDI 10.0.x
PDFlib+PDI 10.0.x 50% -
PPS 10.0.x 70% 35%